Everything is NetworkingI’m Back. I left for a few months, met and worked with some wonderfully talented people, but I have returned to my passion – making networks useful and useable. I can’t think of a better place to work to make that happen than at Citrix. Whether you are addressing the booming mobility craze or refreshing Neolithic datacenters, Citrix has products that makes them useful. When you mention Citrix, people don’t necessarily think of Citrix as a networking company. We actually have a lot to do with networking. Without networking, none of the mobile phones, laptops and tablets would be able to get to their applications, desktops and content.

Officially, Citrix is a cloud computing company that enables mobile work styles. You could also say that Citrix is a networking company when you peel back the covers and look at the technology that the cloud and mobility run on. Mobile workstyles and cloud services are driving the explosion of apps and data, and Citrix has networking products to glue it all together.

I’ve spent a good part of my career in Technical Marketing and even wrote the only available book on the subject. Now, I am taking a turn and going to focus on the technical side of sales. I will be working as a Sales Engineer or System Engineer for the Citrix Networking team. I will be working in the Rockies region – Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. I have already met my team and love them – they are laid back, hard working, a little eclectic and fun to work with. The elements of great attitudes and hard work are setting us up for success.

Coming from Technical Marketing I am a fierce competitor and am already planning and strategizing. If you are a NetScaler competitor just know that you are in my sights.

A couple of taglines I heard this week that are funny but true are “Everything is better behind a NetScaler” and “The NetScaler is the Swiss Army knife of Networking”.

Please reach out and connect with me.