Note: the following offering is currently only available in the Americas.

You’re ready to roll out the large-scale Citrix project that you’ve championed from its inception.  Your team is prepared to seamlessly migrate from pilot to production.  Your chest confidently puffs as you drift to daydream of the perfection in your design: lightning speed, airtight security, soaring user productivity…and then you’re jolted to reality with a thought:

Will end users be on board?

One of the most celebrated (albeit unpredictable) indicators to the success of your project is the delight of your end users.  Your future literally sits at their fingertips as they consciously decide to embrace change and utilize the bells and whistles that you worked tirelessly to deliver.

Surely they’ll sing your praises.  After all, you’re responsible for helping them work better. Who could ask for more?!

But they do.  They ask.

The Help Desk is bombarded by anxious users with questions about the new interface, desperately seeking access to the tools and apps they need at the time they need it – more often than not, immediately.

Or worse yet, they don’t ask.  Radio silence.  Crickets.

Your users are going rogue.  They know just enough to be dangerous and they’ve chosen to go it alone.  They point and click into unchartered waters and balk at the mere thought of calling in for back-up.  Promises of pizza parties and gift-card giveaways couldn’t lure them to spend a few minutes with the tech team – after all, how hard could it be to set-up a storefront…

Sound familiar?  We’re here to help.

The Citrix Education team understands the pendulum swing of satisfaction depending on the technical competency and enthusiasm of the user at the other end of that streaming desktop.  We also understand the critical role that each of those users plays in the overall success of your project and ultimately the return on your Citrix investment.

We understand the impact.

Our new video tutorials are designed to support our enterprise customers in driving user adoption and license consumption across an organization.  Completely customized to account for variances in workstyles and use cases, these 5-minute video segments speak to the individual needs of your target audience(s) and teach them how to interact with new technology without losing valuable time on the job.

Visit to see how we recently helped the University of Florida educate students from across the Gator Nation to easily access their apps and data on-demand while juggling the demands of college life.

Let the experts educate your end users.

Visit for additional details or request a consultation to assess your target audience(s) and your current versus desired end user computing experience.