We love things to be simple. Wouldn’t it be great if tailoring XenDesktop for your needs was as simple as customizing a smartphone?

Not This Easy

But sometimes simple means lack of ability. That’s not XenDesktop. So assuming your last architecture will work for your next project or downloading a few white papers does not ensure success. It’s not that simple. You should leverage the knowledge of others in how to avoid failure and you should talk to your users and business leaders. In other words, do a proper Assessment and Design before Deployment.

This is where Project Accelerator with Customize My Design steps in. It builds on the best practices of Assess that has been there since December 2012 by adding the ability to tweak and tailor your XenDesktop architecture and sizing using any of 34 variables.

  • Have a Call Center that needs some personalization, done
  • Need to deliver some apps via Shared XenApp or AppV packaging, can-do
  • Want to play out the pros and cons of Remote PC versus Assigned VDI in your design, go ahead
  • Not sure the Claims Department will accept a Hosted Shared desktop, one click and its Assigned VDI with some PvD

And this is not just a serious of multiple choice questions. There is no one right answer for every situation. Behind each choice is  complex logic built and tested by the best in Citrix Consulting. So you know the choices you make and the recommendations you get will work in the real world. So yes, the design experience can be almost as simple as customizing a smartphone but you can also safely exercise the power of XenDesktop to meet your end user and business needs.

So Check it out now and let us know how it helped you and where we can make it better.