There’s no poll this time, no fancy way of giving feedback, but we certainly would like some – and a lot of it.Citrix Family

This time the topic is Citrix on Citrix.

Interoperability is a major challenge for anyone in the tech industry.  It shouldn’t be within your own company, but it’s more prevalent than one might think.  As Citrix grows through acquisitions and its own natural progression, we need to constantly adapt, not only to our customer’s needs, but also to those of the business.  With organizational changes, the need to keep ahead of the competition, and ensuring our business is successful, sometimes our focus is torn in many directions.  Like visiting family – family will always be there, so we prioritize friends. Then we gradually lose that cohesive foundation and wind up with a lot less than we thought we had.

Never forget family – if we fail for family, we failed for the right reasons.  Same for Citrix – never procrastinate on our own solutions.

So that’s it in a nutshell.  Citrix needs to tighten the reins and simplify products into easy to implement solutions.

And we’re reaching out to you – our family – to help reinforce what we know and bring to light what we don’t in those areas.  Be it in concept, or be it in excruciating detail, we want to know what you’re experiencing with our products so we can help clarify and target those solutions you’re really looking to take advantage of.  Then execute on that feedback like the pioneers we truly are.


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