Citrix NetScaler Gateway (formerly known as Access Gateway based on NS) recently announced the general availability of its release This release brings a lot of very interesting capabilities to the Gateway appliance, and provides true value to any Citrix XenMobile / XenDesktop or SSL VPN deployment.

Before I dive into the specific enhancements in the release, let me call out a few critical points. As the version suggests, this build is derived from the 10.1 code base. ‘.e’ represents the fact that this is an enhancement release. For details of what an enhancement release is, refer to my earlier blog. So, this is an enhancement release, derived off of 10.1.120 MR release.

Enhancements in this release:

  • XenMobile
    • UI Consolidation – NetScaler offers a number of features, which help provide value in a XenMobile deployment. E.g. Gateway for MicroVPN, LB for XDM access, LB + CS for ShareFile, … Overtime, we have built some great wizards to help set these up. With this release, we have consolidated all these great wizards, into a single consolidated experience. So as a XenMobile admin, who is setting up NS, you no longer have to search for things of interest. You find them all, in one single experience called XenMobile.
    • ShareFile Wizard – We have also added a new ShareFile wizard (accessible from the consolidated UI mentioned above), which helps you set up access to your internal ShareFile Storage Zone controllers, with a breeze.
    • NetScaler Gateway Wizard Enhancements – The Gateway wizard continues to get enhanced, as we come across unique asks across customer deployments. The Gateway wizard makes setting up MicroVPN access for XenMobile, easier than ever – just a few clicks.
    • Kerberos Constrained Delegation – KCD is a critical capability that helps provide SSO to backend resources, in situations where authentication on NS, was done using Certificates, OTP, Smart Cards, …
    • Granular Proxy Support – NS has had support for proxies, for a while now. With this release, we have made this support, a lot more granular. Now you can set up Traffic Policies on the NetScaler, and define Proxies for specific kinds of traffic flows. NS supports both HTTP and HTTPS proxy.
  • XenDesktop
    • Advanced End Point Analysis – NS has had EPA, for a while now. With this release, we have taken EPA to the next level. NS now provides scans for thousands of antiviruses, malwares, security software… built into the product. This leads to ease of configuration, and ease of maintenance, for NS / Security admins. This support is available for access via browser as well as native Gateway plug-in, on both Windows and Mac platforms.
    • Device Certificate Validation – With this release, we now support validation of Device Certificates. Device Certificates help distinguish between Corporate owned assets and BYOD devices. With proliferation of BYOD, this feature is a boon to have, and helps admins manage access to such devices. This support is available for access via browser as well as native Gateway plug-in, on both Windows and Mac platforms.
    • Client Certificates on Mac – Now launching your apps and desktops over the browser (or via the native plug-in), supports User Certificate authentication on Mac devices as well. So – if lack of this support on Mac platform, kept you from moving to PKI, it’s time to go ahead and do just that.
    • Platform support for Win 8.1
    • Platform support for Mac OS 10.9

So, as you can see, this release of NetScaler Gateway, brings a lot of very interesting/powerful enhancements for XenMobile / XenDesktop / SSL VPN deployments.