Your website provides the biggest opportunity to put your best foot forward around the clock. Learn why automating your website with Citrix content couldn’t be easier. Read on for more details.

Make no mistake, buyer behaviors are changing. With 79% of consumers researching purchases online before even engaging with vendors, the importance of a great website is obvious. Never asleep and “always on”—even when you’re not— websites become an effective extension of your sales force, technical expertise and, with the integration of blogs and social media, even corporate voice or thought leadership. Great content that’s informative yet engaging leads to more customers and increased sales and reduces the average time to close deals.

Citrix offers a free program designed to support your website and help you influence customer purchase decisions by automating and maintaining web content. Citrix Syndication delivers relevant messaging directly to your website to help generate new leads, freeing you to spend time closing sales.

This year, we’ve been laser focused on delivering an enhanced Citrix Syndication program that’s fuller, richer and simpler. Here’s a quick recap of some of the 2013 highlights . For more detail, click to read each blog in full.

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