Citrix announces the availability of XenMobile for Samsung.

As leaders in supporting secure mobile workstyles, Citrix is releasing XenMobile™ for Samsung for use with older SAFE technology and hardware.  Available exclusively for select Samsung devices, XenMobile for Samsung integrates software and device hardware to let you manage devices, applications, and data from a single console.

For newer OS 4.3+ and hardware the solution combines Citrix® XenMobile™ MDM software with a secure Samsung KNOX container built into the generic Worx Home client. This approach protects the device, the data on it, and the networks employees use to access corporate resources—all while giving IT administrators full, centralized visibility and control.

XenMobile for Samsung requires a special client on the older hardware/OS.  To learn which Samsung devices require the Samsung KNOX client in the chart below.

Samsung Device

Worx Home

Worx Home for Samsung

OS/API 4.3


OS/API 4.2 or older


If you are wanting to use SAFE on older devices, use the Worx Home for Samsung.  The new KNOX capabilities are available on the new devices with the OS/API 4.3 level in the general Worx Home.