If you are interested in previewing CDFMonitor 2.1 before the actual release, you may want to take advantage of previewing some of the video links below. The links provided are to some of the Citrix TV videos that will be available on the DIY channel when CDFMonitor 2.1 has been officially released.
The videos will be part of a series aptly named ‘CDFMonitor DIY’.

CDFMonitor: How to register File Type Association for .etl files to use CDFMonitor
CDFMonitor: How to capture a trace to native .etl for best performance
CDFMonitor: How to capture a trace to csv for real-time monitoring
CDFMonitor: How to format a native .etl file for viewing

CDFMonitor: How to capture a trace remotely and view real-time

CDFMonitor: How to create or modify a remote configuration file for deployment

CDFMonitor: How to deploy a remote instance of CDFMonitor

CDFMonitor: How to gather tracing from a remote instance of CDFMonitor

CDFMonitor: How to undeploy a remote instance of CDFMonitor

CDFMonitor: How to send CDF trace messages to Splunk

CDFMonitor: How to monitor a remote instance of CDFMonitor

CDFMonitor: How to install and uninstall as a service

CDFMonitor: How to monitor for a trace message and send a SMTP notification

CDFMonitor: How to monitor for a trace message and execute a program

CDFMonitor: How to monitor for a trace message and upload files

The latest version of CDFMonitor 2.1 has been checked in for internal review and will be released officially as an update to CTX129537. This version has many new features and improvements, but the main one is now there is a GUI to set all configurations and perform activities. As in prior versions, command line use is still available.
Please note since this utility is currently under review, it has NOT been officially approved by Citrix.
Consider this an early release that may or may not change from the official version in CTX129537.
Use only until the engineering review is complete and CTXs are published externally.
Documentation and binary for early release are available here:

Two CTX documents will be published:
CTX129537 for tool download
CTX139593 for tool documentation