Continuing the momentum from the recent CloudPlatform 4.2 release, CloudPlatform 4.2.1 is now available. If you missed the news about CloudPlatform 4.2 back in September, be sure to read this blog and the press release for more information. But now back to 4.2.1. While  smaller in scope than 4.2, this release includes numerous bug fixes and several feature enhancements including:

  • CloudPlatform now includes XenServer 64-bit System VMs templates.
  • VM snapshots are now supported on both VMware and XenServer hosts. Previously, they were only supported on VMware.
  • Several modifications have been made to improve the user experience when working with Cisco UCS blades and the Cisco UCS Manager.
  • CloudPlatform 4.2.1 supports both multi-part and single-part upload for registering templates, uploading volumes and backing up snapshots to object storage in secondary storage.
  • CloudPlatform Management Server is now certified on CentOS 6.4.
  • IP addresses can now be acquired and LB rules can be created without enabling the SourceNAT service in a network.

To learn more refer to the CloudPlatform 4.2.1 Release Notes and download CloudPlatform 4.2.1 to get started.

New to Citrix CloudPlatform?

If you are new to Citrix CloudPlatform, head over to for the full story. There is a great of video series that explains what it is and what makes it CloudPlatform so unique. Two of my top pick videos are Future proofing your cloud strategy for any workload and Different workloads, different architectures, one solution and a companion paper Future proofing your cloud: Why workloads define cloud strategies.

Short on time? CloudPlatform is a unified cloud management platform that combines the best cloud foundation for private enterprise workloads with the Amazon-style scale, elasticity and operational efficiency of cloud workloads. This solution provides:

  • The industry’s only future-proofed, application-centric cloud solution proven to reliably and efficiently orchestrate both traditional enterprise workloads and cloud application workloads
  • A mature, turn-key solution that lets you leverage existing hypervisor, storage and network investments
  • The fastest time-to-value, powering the world’s leading clouds and recognized as a market leader by industry experts

Going to Citrix Summit?

If you are Citrix channel partner that will be joining us in January at Citrix Summit, there are no shortage of ways to learn about Citrix cloud solutions and how they can be part of integral part of your Citrix business. A few notable sessions to plan on attending include:

Hope to see you there!