XenClient Enterprise 5 has been released for quite some time and in a recent post I highlight a key feature introduced; Personal vDisk (PvD) technology. For maximum personalization, the default setting enables users to install apps into their virtual desktop while admins can continue to update and control the base image.  When a new technology is incorporated into a product, many questions get asked.

One such question is: “How do you disable the end user from having local administrative rights on a deployed PvD Image?

Remember, the core value of a PvD Image is an administrator can manage a single image to X devices.  At the endpoint the user data is persisted and if a user installs an application, on reboot, that application persists. This means the admin can update the image centrally and deploy these updates to X devices from a central console – all while allowing application customization at the endpoint.

1. Log into your XenClient Enterprise Synchronizer at https//<your url>:8443/MgmtConsol.

2. Navigate to ‘Policies’ and expand the navigation tree.

3. Navigate to ‘All Policies’ > ‘Virtual Machine’ > ‘Windows Settings’ > ‘Default’.

4. Click on the ‘Logon’ tab in the center pane at the top of the screen.

5. Un-tick the box labeled ‘Grant Admin Rights:

6. To apply setting click ‘Save’ in the top right of the center pane

Applying this policy will disable local administrative rights to any user and disable their ability to locally install applications in a PvD virtual machine that is deployed to the XenClient Enterprise engine.

PvD still has HUGE value even when the user cannot install applications. How?  The administrator can still manage the base image centrally, but customize the image at the endpoint based on a user, a group or combination of the two.  This can be done leveraging tools like Microsoft SCCM or even deploying a packaged application via a Microsoft Group Policy Object (GPO).

PvD technology is very powerful and enables many great use cases with XenDesktop Local Mode leveraging XenClient Enterprise 5!

Now that you know how PvD can easily switch the control of customizing virtual machines from end users to IT (or vice versa), download XenClient Enterprise 5 and try it free on up to 10 devices. You have the control.

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