Here are a few common FAQs on NetScaler Upgrade.

For more FAQs and troubleshooting tips, see FAQs and Troubleshooting.

1.How is the rollback procedure performed on a NetScaler appliance?

The rollback procedure is similar to the basic upgrade procedure. Select the target build that you want to roll back to and perform the downgrade.
Before rolling back to a different release, Citrix recommends that you create a copy of your current configuration files. To downgrade from release 10.1, see Downgrading from Release 10.1.
2. Can I upgrade a NetScaler appliance directly from 9.3 to 10.1. Or should I upgrade to 10.0 first and then to 10.1?
Yes. You can directly upgrade a NetScaler appliance irrespective of the version or the build number.
3. Is the procedure for upgrading a NetScaler from classic to nCore different?
Yes. Only version 9.3 or earlier supports classic builds. For details, see Upgrading from a Classic to an nCore Release .
4. Does 10.0 support classic builds?
No. Release 10.0 supports only nCore builds. You must have a multi-processor Netscaler (MPX or higher) to upgrade to 10.0.
5. Can the primary appliance and secondary appliance have separate builds?
Recommended practice is to use the same version and build number on both the primary and the secondary appliance.
6. Can both the appliances in an HA pair be upgraded at the same time?
No. In a HA pair, first upgrade the secondary appliance and then upgrade the primary node. For details, refer Upgrading a High Availability Pair or Upgrading a NetScaler High Availability Pair to a Later Build.
7. Does Citrix support firmware upgrades in the amazon AWS cloud?
8. Can I upgrade the NetScaler instance independently of the SDX version.
It is not required to upgrade the SDX version when the NetScaler appliance is upgraded. However, some features might not work.
9. Can I use the FTP server to upgrade the NetScaler appliance?
No. You must first download the firmware from the Citrix download site, save it on your local computer and then upgrade the appliance.