Earlier this month, the National Association for State CIOs (NASCIO) published their most recent state CIO survey.  This annual survey documents the top 10 policy and technology issues facing state governments.

Below are the top priority Technologies, Applications and Tools:

1. Cloud computing: software as a service
2. Security enhancement tools: continuous diagnostic monitoring (CDM), digital forensics
3. Mobile Workforce: technologies and solutions
4. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
5. Virtualization: servers, desktop, storage, applications, data center
6. Legacy application modernization / renovation
7. Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics (BA): applications, big data
8. Disaster Recover / Business Continuity
9. Identity and access management
10. Networking: voice and data communications, unified

(SOURCE:  State CIO Priorities for 2014 (NASCIO))

While mobility is called out as the #3 priority, it is important that many of the other technologies areas have a direct impact on the mobile strategy of a government agency.  Many government agencies are struggling with mobility because they are managing fragmented device, app and data technologies.  This affects the value these organizations gets from technologies such as MDM, MAM, collaboration tools and virtualization. Why? Because the value of mobility comes from being able to empower users to get all their work done, regardless of device, location or time, with that key piece – a seamless end-user experience.

This is critical to government agencies as it impacts their ability to deliver citizen services in the ways their constituents expect.  Mobility and overall IT modernization also impacts the ability of government agencies to recruit and retain top talent to help service their communities.

Citrix is uniquely positioned to assist government in their mobile journey as the only company that can provide an integrated end-to-end solution to mobilize a organization while addressing many of the other priorities above. This solution leads to a ROI and overall total value proposition that’s much greater than a standalone piece, or a stitched together set of pieces.

Recently I had the opportunity to write an article for Government Security News speaking more about why the time is right for state and local government to tackle mobility.  I invite you to read the article and hope that it provides some additional insight into how a broader mobile strategy can help impact how governments deliver services to their constituents.

Government Security News:  The time is right for state and local governments to tackle mobility