Citrix is proud to announce the release of our new support forums community site. This new platform introduces features that allow users to troubleshoot issues faster, find answers to commonly asked questions, and network with fellow Citrix experts to learn how they resolved issues. Check out the changes and let us know what you think.

Mobile FriendlyMobile Friendly

The new support forums user interface is clean and mobile friendly. The categories are presented clearly so that you don’t have to go far to find what you are looking for. The landing page includes a cloud tag so you can see what is trending.

Answered Posts

To assist you on your quest to resolve an issue, an Answered icon appears alongside threads with a resolution. You can quickly choose which thread you want to review. The forum reply containing the solution is displayed at the top.

Hot Thread Indicators

Threads that have been identified as impacting multiple users receive a “Hot” designation. Users can clearly see the unanswered and answered threads that other users have questions about.

Type-ahead Search

Search is now front and center at the top of each page. The intelligent search capabilities will start searching for conversations after you enter at least 4 characters for your search term. The search will display the top 4 most closely matched discussions. To see all results, press Enter and you can choose to filter your results based on other criteria.

Personalized Profile

Your personal profile can now be enhanced with your personality. Include information like your location, occupation, contact information, and even a biography. You have full control of what you would like to share about yourself.

Come and join the conversation at Citrix Discussions new site.