Learn about the newest release of Project Accelerator and all the new features it has to offer in order to start customizing your design today!

“Customize My Design” is the latest release of Project Accelerator. Citrix Consulting listened and we have delivered 34 new design decisions. These are the toggles, switches and levers you can use to tailor a Citrix XenDesktop architecture to a degree of detail that has never been done in any information technology guidance application.

  • Want to deliver Pooled VDI instead of Hosted Shared desktops to that customer call center? Done!
  • Wish to change application delivery to App-V streaming? No problem!
  • Need to tweak user and computer policies? We’ve got it!
  • Looking to change storage to “fibre channel”? No worries!

With this release of Project Accelerator you can:

  • Tailor your environment within a feasible design space
  • See how customizations affect hardware sizing
  • Compare the Citrix Recommended Architecture to the As-Designed Architecture
  • Review Citrix Consulting guidance on each decision

Customize my Design is an environment where customers and partners can design a desktop virtualization project that more closely suits the environment, user needs and business priorities. It also represents the next step in the WW Consulting Services methodology for desktop virtualization projects that we communicated when we launched the beta late last year.

Get started at http://project.citrix.com.

Want to know more or need specific questions answered? Please reach out to Yvonne Wright.

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