Yesterday I read about yet another fascinating implementation of vGPU on Citrix XenServer under XenDesktop, written by my colleague Roland over on the SAP blogs. Over the past few weeks I’ve written a couple of blogs about the potential for these technologies for CAD/CAE/AEC and also PLM applications.

This particular implementation was exactly the type of enterprise implementation I was hoping to see. SAP a long term Citrix partner, with a long history of certification on XenServer, really understands large scale enterprise deployments and is increasingly moving into 3-D part management, PDM and PLM. This is particularly exciting given their long history in all areas of virtualisation, including cloud and VDI.

Roland’s blog post details a demo at SAP TechEd US 2013 showing a real live demo of SAP 3D Visual Enterprise powered by Citrix XenDesktop and NVIDIA. In particular I was particularly interested by the scale of the 3D parts in the demo but also the variety of mobile devices (tables, laptops, smart phones) used, I really recommend you read the full blog but highlight for me was:

“SAP’s VE team provided a couple of demo scenarios, the one you can see here is a CAD model of an oil rig with more than 40 million vertices; not bad at all to be able to run this smoothly over WAN. (for the network experts: the average latency was 90ms)”

More and more users are trying the vGPU technologies and reporting excellent results. Why not give it a go!

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