As Citrix continues to innovate with new solutions and technologies, we extend this innovation to channel marketing and sales programs, helping partners add extra value to customer relationships. This is why am I pleased to share our latest demand marketing campaign, “Flexibility with FlexCast” and introduce new sales resources designed to lead with FlexCast  use cases for apps and desktops.

Win with “Flexibility with FlexCast” marketing materials

XenDesktop with FlexCast technology delivers the right user experience and ensures high productivity anytime, across different devices and locations, with secure, centralized management and control. Whether delivering apps or desktops, hosted in the cloud or offline, customers will have a satisfying experience all from a combined a single, integrated solution.

Making the Citrix solution the right choice for your customer’s secure, remote access is easier than ever with “Flexibility with FlexCast”, new demand generation marketing campaigns that showcase how this technology allows XenDesktop to address a range of common customer challenges with a single solution. It comprises four marketing campaigns:

  1. Low-cost PC refresh
  2. Remote access to enterprise PCs
  3. Virtualizing 3D professional graphics
  4. Mobilizing Windows apps

Start using “Flexibility with FlexCast” campaign materials now from Citrix Marketing Concierge.

Lead with FlexCast use case sales resources

New, compelling use cases are now available to help address varying customer needs and scenarios for XenDesktop with FlexCast. From mobilizing windows apps on tablets and other mobile devices to reducing PC refresh costs or virtualizing corporate laptops, these resources help elevate your conversations and cover a wide range of scenarios:

  • Mobilize Windows apps on tablets and other mobile devices
  • Virtualizing 3D professional graphics
  • Ensure secure access to virtual desktops and apps for contractors and partners
  • Transform call centers and minimize costs
  • Reduce PC refresh costs
  • Accelerate Windows XP migration
  • Virtualize corporate laptops – online and offline
  • Support remote and branch workers
  • Embrace BYO laptops and tablets

Access new FlexCast use case sales resources now from Partner Central.