This week at late notice I was asked to travel to a customer site in New York City. Having reached the airport on Tuesday morning to catch a 6am flight, I realised that my Out of Office was not yet set.

Not a problem! Launching WorxMail, I was able to navigate to the new “Out of Office” settings and setup my automatic replies for both people inside and outside of my organisation. I could even go as far as setting the specific time duration I wanted this set for. Problem solved!

I knew I had an early call with a team in the UK and having dropped my bags off, I wanted to get through security before dialing into the meeting. Using the new “Running Late” feature of WorxMail I notified the attendee that I would be late to the call. This was a simple click rather than the tedious way of typing an email to achieve the same thing.

Once through security and waiting for my boarding call, I used the new “Dial-in” feature to get straight onto the voice bridge for my meeting. This saved me the hassle of noting down the phone number and access code and entering both numbers on my phone to join my call.

These are 3 simple features that have greatly improved my Mail experience on iOS with WorxMail 1.3.