Kaspersky TrustedCitrix XenServer Windows Tools have been awarded Kaspersky Trusted status. The tools were analysed by Kaspersky to ensure users have confidence that they are malware and virus free. This also means that our tools are whitelisted by Kaspersky and users will not accidentally quarantine them causing unnecessary administration. Users can verify that all components of the XenServer tools on windows are the same that Kaspersky has verified to aid compliance and regulation in cloud deployments etc.

Every single component of the XenServer Windows Tools has been analysed and can be verified with Kaspersky using the MD5 checksum to verify the file is the same as verified by Kaspersky: For example the xenguestlib.dll file can be verified on the Kaspersky site using this link including the checksum

This certification has been undertaken within the context of a growing partnership with Kaspersky that is seeing this major security vendor invest in new products and solutions for the XenServer platform, the previewed security offering announced is being designed to be optimized specifically for Citrix XenServer® and Citrix XenDesktop®.

In the last few months we’ve also seen yet more new security products for XenServer released from Sophos (see the announcement) and BitDefender (see the announcement). Our hardware partners and users have also delighted in the introduction of Intel TXT measured boot technology on the Xenserver platform.

We’re pleased to see these new additions to XenServer’s large security vendor ecosystem, joining enterprise level vendors such as Trend Micro and McAfee, offering products for XenServer in Server Virtualisation but also as Citrix’s platform for XenDesktop, CloudPlatform and Netscaler SDX.

Virtualisation offers huge benefits for data protection and security, and XenServer has a proven history in US government and federal deployments. One of the benefits to XenServer’s Open Source model is the open scrutiny that means it is more suitable and preferred for many governmental uses.