Citrix has been partnering with Amazon for many years now, bringing our customers compelling Citrix solutions such as XenDesktop, NetScaler, and XenMobile optimized on AWS. With that spirit of partnership, the Citrix Strategic Alliances team would like to congratulate Amazon Web Services on the V1 release of their Desktop-as-a-Service product, WorkSpaces.

WorkSpaces Reinforces the Mobility Shift… and grows the hosting market

The past few years have seen a real shift to mobility. It’s been driven by a cornucopia of sophisticated mobile devices that have become indispensable to both our work and personal lives.  When you have a device like this in your pocket, your world changes. You begin to realize that work isn’t a place you go, but rather a thing you do…from anywhere, at any time.  But when you untether from your office chair, you rapidly realize that you need your apps and data to move with you. And that’s where desktop and application virtualization shines.

The 451 Group estimates the overall desktop virtualization market to be a $5.6B opportunity by 2015 (451 Group, Desktops As A Service, ICE report, February 2012). IDC forecasts $661M for worldwide Workspace-as-a-Service revenue through 2016 (IDC Worldwide Workspace-as-a-Service 2012–2016 Forecast: The Emerging WaaS Market, Feb 2012).

As Amazon enters into this market, it underscores that the shift to mobile workstyles is now widespread, and confirms that desktop virtualization isn’t just a “Citrix thing” or some analyst’s pipe dream—desktop virtualization and DaaS is real and it’s going mainstream. People would expect Citrix to embrace and drive the Desktop-as-a-Service trend (after all, Citrix has been offering remote access solutions since the 1990s with its WinFrame product).

But when the largest public cloud player on the planet decides to prioritize building a hosted desktop virtualization solution vs. the many other services they could build, it confirms that this is a real and growing market.

Tools and partners to leverage virtualization and hosted services on AWS

Of course, Citrix has a vibrant and fast growing group of service provider partners delivering Desktops-as-a Service, some of which are already leveraging AWS as a platform.  Here at AWS re:Invent, Citrix has many customers learning and leveraging the Citrix Cloud Formation Templates to provision Citrix XenDesktop on AWS. The Citrix Cloud Formation Templates, the recently published Citrix XenApp on AWS Reference Architecture white paper and Citrix XenApp on AWS Implementation Guide can make provisioning thousands of users’ worth of capacity as simple as answering some questions, clicking a few buttons and waiting a few minutes.  As more customers become aware of the opportunity to leverage the cloud to accelerate and simplify the delivery of Windows-as-a-Service, the inquiries to our re:Invent expo booth have been overwhelming.

So, from Citrix to our friends at Amazon Web Services—thank you for sharing our vision of a world where technology empowers people to work and collaborate in new ways. We look forward to the innovation that the next few years will surely bring!