According to analyst firm ESG, a whopping 70 percent of organizations know or suspect their employees are using personal online file-sharing accounts without formal IT approval. ShareFile enables customers to replace these consumer-oriented tools with a secure, enterprise-class service for file and data sharing, sync and storage. Citrix ShareFile Enterprise is growing rapidly and Citrix partners across the globe are growing their accounts by helping their customers solve the “problem.”

Several recent  articles and reports can help you demonstrate the strong market momentum for ShareFile:

  • Virgin Management dropped Dropbox for ShareFile and deployed Citrix XenDesktop to meet its BYO needs. Learn more
  • Sean Flaherty from Tech Talk noted that ShareFile is “known for outstanding file sharing capabilities and high security standards.” Learn more
  • Jesse Lipson provided guidance in CIO magazine: “Look for a [data sharing] solution that provides the flexibility to choose where data is stored: on premise and/or in the cloud.” Read the whole story
  • Jesse Lipson in TMCnet stated, “When an app is compliant, the end user doesn’t have to even worry about whether or not their actions are meeting those requirements, it’s simply baked into the workflow.” (Learn more)
  • IDC reported, “Citrix has done a good job of finding ways to utilize and differentiate ShareFile as a solution and cross-product enabler. IDC came away with the impression that ShareFile is the linchpin in the Citrix product strategy.” (Read the full report)
  • Citrix Vice President Ahmed Datoo discussed Worx mail and ShareFile in PC Magazine: “You can place attachments in ShareFile that are accessible through mail.” (Read more).

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