What do Design Thinking, Information Experience, and XenMobile have in common? And what does that have to do with XenMobile’s 8.6 release?

For the XenMobile 8.6 release, the standard notion of producing large manuals has been radically transformed by the Citrix Information Experience (Ix) team, a new function of the Citrix Customer Experience organization. The Ix team’s #1 job is to enable customers to achieve their goals by supporting them with the right information experience at the right time, in the right form and medium. Ix employs the principles of Design Thinking to create quality information so people can quickly understand, use, and love a product.

More Than Just Mere Manuals 

Traditional product documentation is typically given to a user when the product is released, in the form of large, complex manuals or help systems. If a user has to read documentation, it often means something in the product or workflow did not work well for them. If a user goes to the Help menu, that user is likely already lost and in the midst of a problem, with documentation serving merely as a bandage. People need documentation, but more often that not, too much documentation is a symptom of poor product design. With the XenMobile 8.6 release, a broader approach has been used – making information an integral part of the entire customer experience and provide more than just mere manuals.

Give the People What They Want

In this increasingly mobile world, information should no longer be imprisoned in a product manual, when an interesting video, screencast, tutorial, graphic, comic, blog, or podcast might be easier to consume. Everyone learns differently, so why not provide a multitude of media to enhance the user’s experience of a product? People today want their information in smaller, bite-sized chunks, in a variety of formats, for a wide array of different digital devices. And the Citrix Ix team will give it to them.

Catch, Cook, and Plate

To respond to these needs for XenMobile 8.6 release, the Ix team employed the ‘catch, cook, and plate’ methodology, which is the practice of collaboratively gathering, sourcing, curating and professionalizing content from various teams across the Citrix organization: marketing, product management, engineering, support, customer success, product designers and graphic artists, videographers and animators, comic artists, storytellers, educators, sales engineers and technical support specialists – in order to create and design a new kind of information experience.

Check out some examples:

  • Comic illustration to show how mobile apps positively impact our users’ lives
  • Product videos showing how to perform specific tasks
  • Expert ‘Chalk Talks‘ explaining product architecture
  • New visual language for technical content
  • Targeted “How Do I…” information pointing users to useful, contextual information
  • XenMobile 8.6 What’s New video to provide a friendly, high level overview of a new release
  • WorxMail 1.3 New Features video produced by Product Design team for which we provided language and messaging for a clear description of new product features