Innovative companies are breaking away from the PC refresh cycle and changing cost factors in every part of the desktop virtualization architecture, making it more affordable than ever. To get essential guidance for understanding the role thin clients plus virtual desktops play in the enterprise today, you can leverage the Citrix customizable demand generation campaign, available in Citrix Marketing Concierge, now.

Desktop virtualization with Citrix XenDesktop is an industry-proven, cost-effective alternative to traditional PC refresh that allows users to securely access apps, data and desktops on any device, anywhere. It gives IT the centralized control and streamlined management they need, while conserving PC refresh budget for more innovative IT projects that impact the bottom line and repurpose existing PCs without impacting user performance.

Help your customers and prospects explore the value of desktop virtualization, how it has evolved, and why organizations are increasingly moving away from traditional PC refresh with co-branded, ready to launch assets, collateral and email – all at your fingertips within Citrix Marketing Concierge, your one-stop for Demand Generation success.

This campaign features elements that will guide your customers to stop the insanity, expect better results, and think about PC Refresh Strategy in a whole new way. You will find:

–    A customizable, co-branded email, landing page, and thank-you page
–    Citrix White Paper, “4 Customers who never have to replace their PC again.”
–    Citrix White Paper, “The falling cost – and rising value of Desktop Virtualization.”
–    IDC Report, “Mobile Devices: The New Thin Clients.”

Search, Best TVO, in Citrix Marketing Concierge and try out the “Refresh Your PC Refresh Strategy with Citrix” campaign, today.

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