Picture this scene – Las Vegas night out at a Casino, and you decide to drop a few dollars on the “Lucky 7” slot machines while in route to meet some friends.  After depositing $20.00 in funds to the casino you decide that your going to give it one last ride.  <insert $5>, pull the handle, and now your feeling the rush of what might happen if the “7’s” were to all align. Within the 5 seconds, your already dreaming of that lifestyle of the rich and famous. Big house, fancy cars, and well…Wait, this is more like a Rap video lifestyle.  I thought about “making it rain” before that terminology was invented. 

<–Rewind that last sentence and insert starting from here –> 5 seconds, 4 seconds, 3 seconds, and the wheels are still turning and… and…and…here’s what happens:

BOOM! Payout on 7’s across the board at $5 x 2000 = $10,000.00.  All in a matter of 7 minutes you have withdrawn this amount of money from the casino. Definitely will be a good night for sure! I should know because this happened to me back in 2006.  I still remember like it was yesterday or 2,372 days ago to be exact. Can’t say I drive a high-end fancy car, but that’s probably due my (2) boys and their meaning of the word – Clean!

Fast Forward –> (Today) @Citrix @NetScaler was voted a leader for the 7th consecutive time in the 2013 #Gartner Magic Quadrant – Application Delivery Controllers! How ironic is it on this 7th day of November this announcement was broadcasted globally.  Not to mention, it was 7 years ago that I was fortunate enough to have hit all “7’s” on “Lucky 7” in beautiful Las Vegas.  <Inserting Clause> –> I am not telling you to go drop money in Las Vegas because the odds are typically in favor of the house. If you lose, please do not refer back to this post stating it was okay to be in Vegas to gamble. Your on your own. Okay, got that out of the way!

What I am telling you is the market once again acknowledged this accomplishment! BOOM! Our technology is far superior to the others, and they are just now catching up to what we had released 2 years ago. I expect @NetScaler to continue with this momentum into 2014, and beyond!  Stay tuned……..

Always keepin’ it real with @NetScaler!  Peace & Love –> I’m out!