“@NetScaler is the Real Deal!”

Don’t believe me?  Just ask the end-users that use our technology.  In previous posts I stated that @NetScaler is becoming more of recognizable name in the datacenter space.  Yes, that is true statement and the market has acknowledged this. The dots are pretty much overlapping in the mystical world Application Delivery Controllers!

@NetScaler has the backing of  a company (@Citrix) who has the DNA to deliver applications. XenDesktop/XenApp sound familiar?  How about Mobilize Apps & Desktops?  It should since we have over 280,000 customers using @Citrix  products on a daily basis #marketleading. Everyone reading this has either used or experienced the benefits of @NeScaler.  I mean some of the worlds largest web/enterprise properties are using @NetScaler to power their business critical applications.  That’s called, “delivering customer satisfaction!”  We don’t just provide you with market leading technology, we provide a lifestyle with the ability to access applications from any device in any location.

Okay, so maybe ditch the tie and <insert> choice of beverage while on the beach, but you get the point.  It’s really all about the flexible workshifting conditions we all have been used to.  Most companies outside of Yahoo & most recently, HP have allowed us to take advantage of this due to work, life & balance.  Umm, yes I do have a life outside of corporate America and wish to continue to have a social life!

By now you are aware that @NetScaler solutions are deployed in thousands of networks around the globe to optimize, secure and control the delivery of all enterprise and cloud services. How does this benefit me working remote or while on the road?  Together, the @Citrix Mobile Solutions Bundle and @NetScaler provide the ability to scale, ensure high availability for apps and maintain security while reducing mobility deployment and management costs. Organizations benefit from:

  • End-to-end policy and management controls
  • A unified access approach to integrate disparate technologies, including MDM, to provide greater control of the entire infrastructure
  • Broad mobile OS support with full SSL VPN access for leading mobile OS and handset vendors, including Apple, Google and Microsoft.
  • ActiveSync filtering support with NetScaler
  • Micro VPN support for @work Mail and Web to securely connect to the intranet
  • A high-availability enterprise mobility solution for effective load distribution across multiple Citrix mobility components

Mobile is the future!

IT must ensure that the network infrastructure that supports mobile initiatives is flexible and scalable while delivering uncompromised performance and security. With @XenMobile MDM, the @Citrix Mobile Solutions bundle and @NetScaler, IT can address the full range of enterprise mobility requirements. @XenMobile MDM helps IT maintain device security and compliance to protect mobile applications, networks and data.

Time to “Get Mobilized with @NetScaler!”

Peace & Love!  I’m out!