Blog Entry Authored by: Steve Blacklock (@BlacklockSteve)  Sr. Director, Global Strategic Alliances, Citrix

When I present to our customers, they always ask the same question:  “Why is this alliance any different from others I’m familiar with?”  Customers hear about many alliances, but do they really hear a good explanation of why a particular alliance is valuable?

Leading strategic alliances in high tech for well over 10 years and across  several companies, I’ve seen many interesting industry partnerships.  Currently, with Cisco and Citrix, we really seem to have created a relationship that’s delivering truly innovation solutions for the next generation of IT.

Our alliance continues to drive data center networking advancements and measureable value to customers capitalizing on our unique solutions for mobile workstyles and cloud services.  Combining Cisco’s industry leading computing and networking solutions with Citrix’s virtualization technology demonstrates how we are continuing to build and grow a strong business together.    To see a great example of our joint customers realizing the value in virtualization solutions, take a look at the way we’ve helped healthcare providers improve the quality of care and maximize time spent caring for their young patients at Seattle Childrens Hospital.

Together, Cisco and Citrix have expanded upon our stated goals to continually deliver relevant solutions to our customers with a BYOD/Mobility solution,  tried and tested as a Cisco Validated Design (CVD) from Cisco, integrating Cisco security (ISE) with Citrix Mobile Device Management through XenMobile.  We’ve also provided Cisco customers with the market-leading virtual Application Device Controller (ADC) on the Cisco Nexus platform for virtual network services, now available from Cisco as the NetScaler 1000V.

Today, we are very excited and proud to be a part of yet another ground-breaking solution and technology innovation with Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure, or Cisco ACI.  Read the details of our technology integrations with Cisco here in Abhishek Chauhan’s blog.

For those customers already looking for more Cisco and Citrix value today, we also have exciting integrations between Nexus and NetScaler currently available following our June announcement.

  • Cisco vPath & NetScaler in Nexus 1000V environments: The vPath technology is a component of the Cisco Nexus 1000V.  It is designed to manage the flow of traffic under policy control, providing for service-insertion and ordering on a flow by flow, application by application basis.  With native support for vPath, the Citrix NetScaler 1000V is fully integrated into these environments.
  • NetScaler and Nexus 7000: Alongside Nexus 7000, the NetScaler appliances can directly attach to the series 7000 switches.  Once this attachment is made, the NetScaler appliances can be seamlessly managed from within the Nexus switch as-if it were a built-in component of the switch.  The trunk between the switch and NetScaler carries all data and control traffic to and from the NetScaler, using advanced route and flow management at the switch.  This capability provides customers the benefits of higher resiliency, plug and play installations, improved agility, and increased leverage of both their switching and ADC investments.

Customers can deploy these integrated offerings today, and be confident knowing that there will be a smooth migration path when they want to take advantage of Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure.

Taking the solutions one step further, Cisco and Citrix have  joined forces with NetApp to deliver even more innovation to meet our joint customers’ challenges.

Cisco recently marked the 3rd anniversary of FlexPod with a blog from Marcus Phipps, Senior Manager, Data Center and Cloud Marketing detailing the Citrix integrations to XenDesktop, CloudPlatform and XenServer in response to customer demand.

Citrix responded with a birthday message written by our own Krishna Subramanian, VP Product Marketing Management, Cloud Platform Group, describing the USP deployment as well as highlighting our CIO Breakfast series currently running with Cisco and NetApp.

Grasping the technological muscle of the triad, industry analyst Mark Bowker from Enterprise Strategy Group published a NetworkWorld blog:, The Power of 3:  Citrix, Cisco and NetApp Deliver Data Center to the Desktop.

This commentary goes to prove that just when you think this alliance couldn’t possibly produce any more cool innovation, we jointly deliver on yet another great joint technology solution.  At only two years into our strategic relationship, I continue to be amazed at what we’ve been able to do.  I can’t wait to see what’s next…can you?