The X-IO Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) was designed from the ground up to fundamentally solve the problems with traditional disk architectures that Cloud Service Providers are struggling with today.  Designed by Seagate Technologies, the ISE changes the paradigm of traditional Disk Architectures by increasing Capacity, Reliability, Availability, and Performance, while reducing Power, Cooling, and RackSpace requirements.  Customers moving their tier-1 applications to a cloud provider still require the same levels of performance and reliability that they have come to expect with their on-premise equipment.  This is a unique challenge for the Cloud Provider who has to provide this level of service to stay competitive, while at the same time has to do so in a manner that enables the business to be profitable.  For the Cloud Provider to achieve this level of service, excessive over-provisioning of SSD/HDD resources has been required which increases the OpEX and CapEx to the organization.

By changing the way that the HDDs operate, the ISE achieves 2x-3x the performance of traditional Disk solutions, yields 100% capacity utilization with no drop in performance, and increases the system reliability by an order of magnitude.  This results in less equipment to purchase and maintain to provide a service that is superior to competitor’s offerings, while drastically reducing the OpEX required for operations.  By having a modular architecture, providers can implement and scale POD architectures (of any size) quickly and economically as their business and service offerings evolve.