While testing a new social media link, I sent a Citrix article to my Facebook feed for all my friends to see.

“Citrix Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CTXS) transforms how businesses and IT work and people collaborate in the cloud era. With market-leading cloud, collaboration, networking and virtualization technologies, Citrix powers mobile workstyles and cloud services, making complex enterprise IT simpler….”

My 10 year old niece calls me later to ask, “Auntie Tara, I read your post, but what does Citrix do?” I often get that question from adults and depending on their involvement with IT or not, the simplest answer may sometimes need further explanation.

In my head, I went over the messaging from marketing and key notes, and I thought to myself, she is a very smart kid, but how do I make it concise enough for a 10 year old? I started with, “It’s a company that sells technology (hardware and software) that allows people to work from anywhere they choose.”

But what does that mean to a 10 year old? Sometimes that answer does not mean anything to a 40 year old.

She understood, but being a smart kid, she wants more details. This new generation will not always just take your word for it, so do dare to give more specifics –  they Google everything.  So she follows up with, “….but what does that really mean? I could work from my laptop, on the couch, in my pajamas?”

In my experience, people identify with real life examples, so I proceed to give an example. “When I was visiting friends and family in Jamaica, I went to visit a Citrix Reseller to say hello, just 100 ft. away from Grandpa’s office. They mentioned they did not receive an important file I sent them 2 weeks before, and needed the information for a training. I walked back to Grandpa’s office, logged into Citrix.com on his computer – signed in with my company security code, and was able to access a tool called XenDesktop to access my email and files in the form of apps. I was able to find the email and resend it to them. Does that make sense?”   Her response. “Oh yes, that’s kinda cool!” and we moved onto the next topic.

The quick visit closed a gap in communication and the mobility Citrix offers allowed me to send them a training voucher for XenDesktop. A few months later, the Partner closed a deal with a National Bank, deployed the product successfully without any Citrix Engineer onsite,  and due to certification, earned an Advisor Reward bonus.