What makes a successful product, a successful channel, and successful partners?   Installed-base, diverse partners, and rising partner revenue.

Well, we’re happy to announce that the Citrix Service Provider (CSP) Program – and its partners – resoundingly meets those criteria.

Today we announced that two new partners, in addition to the 2,600 already part of our program, have put forth their unique cloud-hosted desktop services.  But these are special examples in that they represent large-scale endorsement of our partner-centric DaaS model.

Who’s “In”

Digicel Business, a tier-one telco provider with over 13 million customers across the Caribbean, Central America and Asia Pacific, launched the “Digicel Desktop as a Service” back in September.  This is a major win for the Cloud-Hosted Desktop (DaaS) model, and of course a major design win for Citrix.  But it also represents opening-up an entirely new set of services, revenue, and value that Digicel will provide to diverse government and private-sector customers across multiple countries.  The age of the Telco providing commodity land-line or wireless services is over. The new telco is providing true business services – hosting apps and desktops all-the-while providing availability, security and mobility services.

Meanwhile, OneNeck IT Services – itself a subsidiary of a Telco – has similarly launched its successful Desktop-as-a-Service offer into the market.  The company prides itself on the concept of being the “one throat to choke” by providing comprehensive IT outsourcing/hosting services to enterprises of all types.  But offering DaaS shifts the company up the value chain significantly by providing not just IT services but line-of-business services (and applications) as well. And that means higher overall customer engagement and partnership.

What they’re offering

Partners such as Digicel and OneNeck are also important to Citrix as they represent a new hosted route-to-market for our industry-leading products such as XenApp, XenDesktop, XenMobile and NetScaler. And new sources of partner revenue as well.

Based on our multi-tenant CSP Reference Architecture (hypervisor- and cloud-agnostic) these partners have implemented differentiated approaches to serving their customer base. They’ve taken our basic hosting architecture, integrated it with their own business processes and technologies, and then gone to market with a series of services that meets specific customer needs.

And now that they each have a set of standardized offers, it’s easy for them to replicate and scale with each new customer. The result: Recurring revenue for the providers, quick turn-on for customers, and deeper value for all.

Looking forward

As I recently mentioned in my personal blog, the cloud-hosted desktop market is poised to grow as the supply-side expands. And as it does, you’ll see new CSP partners – as well as CSP White Labelers – bring services to market, and more Citrix partners expand their DaaS offers into even more vertical markets as they use Citrix technology to create high-value, differentiated desktop services.

A perfect ecosystem that serves our partners, ourselves and most of all our customers in a win/win/win relationship.