Recently, NetApp and Cisco announced that Citrix joined the FlexPod Cooperative Support Program. For customers running Citrix XenDesktop, Citrix XenServer or Citrix CloudPlatform workloads on FlexPod converged infrastructure solutions, this means an even higher level of support for greater operational efficiency.


FlexPod Cooperative Support Program

The FlexPod Cooperative Support program brings together the technology expertise of Cisco, NetApp and Citrix to quickly resolve problems. Customers have direct access to Cisco, NetApp and Citrix engineers that are trained to rapidly address issues encountered in FlexPod environments.

Here are some key values of FlexPod Cooperative Support

24×7 Support — Globally

Whether you prefer email, web or phone, support engineers from Cisco, NetApp and Citrix are available 24×7 globally to quickly resolve problems and maintain peak systems efficiency.  With Citrix as a member of the FlexPod Cooperative Support program, you get direct access to the most senior Citrix engineers who are cross-trained in the FlexPod solution to provide a best-in-class support experience.

True Multivendor Support

Think it’s a storage problem? Call NetApp. Think it’s a server issue? Call Cisco. Think it’s a workload problem? Call Citrix. Not sure what the problem is? Call any of us. We work as a seamless global team to accurately diagnose and remediate your problem, eliminating finger-pointing, to ensure you’re running at peak efficiency.

Citrix Products Validated in the Cooperative Support Lab

Citrix XenDesktop, Citrix XenServer and Citrix CloudPlatform are now part of the FlexPod reference architecture and have been validated in FlexPod Cooperative Support Lab. For times when issues arise, this means we will be able to more quickly reproduce issues and resolve multivendor integration issues for faster problem resolution.

Happy Birthday, FlexPod. We look forward to working with you in the future and helping our joint customers deliver some of the most efficient virtualization and cloud solutions in the market.

To learn more about the joint solutions, join us at one of the following events:

  • CIO Seminar on IT-as-a-Service with Citrix, Cisco and NetApp in Seattle on Nov 5
  • CIO Seminar on IT-as-a-Service with Citrix, Cisco and NetApp in Phoenix on Nov 12
  • Deep Dive on the integration of NetApp with CloudPlatform at the Apache CloudStack Summit in Amsterdam Nov 20-22

Kevin Cook

Senior Manager, Citrix Support