The Worldwide Support Readiness team in EMEA is delighted to announce the new family of blogs and twitter accounts to help you out on some key Citrix products.

For those of you not aware, ‘Readiness’ is the team tasked with keeping the various Citrix Technical Support teams updated with the knowledge needed to help you with your technical support issues. Knowledge is our stock in trade and we are here to share it with you! Expect tips, tricks, information on new releases or builds and general informative updates.

So what are the products and more importantly who are the people behind the monikers?

First up we have Mick Glover. Mick is a seasoned veteran at Citrix since 2005 going via Technical Support at Frontline and Escalation levels before joining Readiness in 2010. Mick is responsible for XenDesktop and is the @XDtipster. Mick has had a blog series for a couple of years now and encouraged the rest of us to both get on board the blog wagon and twitter too.

Next up we have Gerard Carragher. Ger is one of the pillars of Readiness having joined Citrix in 2008. He is responsible for XenApp and PVS. Ger’s twitter feed is focused on PVS @PVStipster, Ger will no doubt be on the blogs very soon.

Next up we have the latest addition to the EMEA Readiness family, Karen Sciberras. Karen is another veteran at Citrix since 2006 via Technical Support at Frontline and Escalation levels. Karen’s background is a specialization in XenDesktop, however she has branched in the exciting area of mobility covering the XenMobile suite of products. Karen is the @XMtipster and will soon be blogging too.

Lastly it’s me, Andrew Sandford. I’m the baby on the team as I’ve only been at Citrix since early 2010!! I’ve arrived via the Networking Technical Support at Frontline and Escalation levels before joining Readiness early in 2013. I’m responsible for NetScaler and the Networking technologies such as NetScaler Gateway and Application Firewall. Catch me at @NStipster and my blogs are here.

So there we have it, the Tipster family. Feel free to fire any questions our way, we’d be delighted to help.

Andrew aka NetScaler Tipster