Dave Weissman, Principal Sales Engineer for U.S. Special Programs at Citrix, and John Woodruff, Program Manager at the AFRL Information Directorate in Rome, NY, will discuss the SecureView Multi-Layer Security (MLS) solution and the vision to extend hardware rooted trust end-to-end from the endpoint to the cloud in an upcoming webcast on November 14 at 2 pm ET. Developed through a technical collaboration between Citrix, Intel, the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), and Assured Information Security (AIS), SecureView is a hardened government security solution that perfectly matches the needs of the government security community.

Government agencies such as those in the defense and intelligence communities must collaborate with other agencies and trusted partners to share data freely and quickly. At the same time, they must safeguard high-value information and assets in their computing environments from malicious adversaries and advanced persistent threats. Finally, they must allow users to run intensive 3D graphics, computationally complex applications, and multiple high definition video streams with high levels of performance for a great user experience, since the user acceptance of a solution can be made or broken by the experience the user receives.

Finding solutions that meet these levels of security, isolation, and performance while enabling information sharing is challenging for government agencies. Often times, they deploy large numbers of physically isolated systems per users which has proven to be costly and cumbersome. Other times, they use custom Type-2 solutions which are able to meet their high security and isolation requirements but deliver poor levels of performance, are expensive to maintain and quickly become outdated.

However, now there is better approach that meets the security, isolation, and performance requirements of government agencies while enabling secure collaboration between agencies. SecureView enables government agencies to successfully collaborate with one another, lower TCO, and deliver a great user experience while protecting critical information from persistent security threats. It does this with Government Off-The Shelf (GOTS) enhancements built on top of the Citrix XenClient client virtualization platform and 4th generation Intel Core vPro Processors to consolidate multiple desktops and thin clients while offering a high security environment and an elegant user interface. Learn more about SecureView solution and the Citrix XenClient and Intel platforms by signing up for the webcast today!

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