CloudPortal Services Manager (CPSM) is a cloud control panel that provides a multi-tenancy solution for Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2007, 2010 and 2013.

The multi-tenanted Exchange solution ensures that each tenant that is hosted in a shared Active Directory forest is completely isolated from other tenants.  For example, the users assigned to the “North” customer cannot view the mail-enabled users of the “South” customer.

There is often a requirement to allow one or more customers to share an address list. For example, a franchise organization that consists of two separate customers across different regions may like to share a combined address list.

Sharing Address Lists

Use the following tutorial at your own risk to share the address list of the “South” customer with the “North” customer.


  • Login to CPSM as a Service Provider Administrator user
    • Verify that the user has the “Service Schema Administrators” role under Edit User > Account Settings > Advanced Option > Configure a custom role collection
      • Re-provision, log out and log in again if the role was not selected
      • Create two customers “North” and “South” and provision the Hosted Exchange service to the customers
      • Create a user for each customer and provision the users with the Hosted Exchange service
      • Login to OWA with a user from the “North” customer
        • Notice that the Exchange user can only see the users and resources allocated to the “North” customer

Sharing the address list

  • Navigate to the customers screen
  • Find and expand the “South” customer
    • Click on the “Services” link
    • Notice that the URL should be in the format of “/CustomerServices.aspx?CustomerID=28
    • Write down the customer ID for the “South” customer, which is 28
    • Navigate to the customers screen
    • Find and expand the “North” customer
      • Click on the “Services” link
      • Expand the “Hosted Exchange” service
        • Expand “Service Settings”
        • Change the “Category Filter:” drop-down-list to “Customer”.
        • Check and modify the “Address List Filter” property

Original value: -ConditionalCustomAttribute15 ‘{CustomerID}’

New value: -ConditionalCustomAttribute15 @(‘{CustomerID}’, ‘28‘)

  • Apply the changes
  • Provision the Hosted Exchange service

Multiple customer IDs can be specified in the “Address List Filter” property in order to share the address list with many customers.  For example:

-ConditionalCustomAttribute15 @(‘{CustomerID}’, ‘28‘, ‘29‘, ‘30‘)

Note that the “South” customer’s Hosted Exchange service “Address List Filter” must be modified by specifying the “North” customer’s ID before the “South” customer to view the users of the “North” customer.

The shared address list outcome is shown below when a user from the “North” customer logs onto OWA:

Note that the following mail-enabled resources will be shared when the “Address List Filter” is modified:

  • Users
  • Contacts
  • Group
  • Resource Mailboxes


Please verify the accuracy of the Customer ID to avoid the wrong customer from accidently being able to see the Exchange resources of another customer.