This white paper focuses on using App-V 5 with XenDesktop 7 and XenApp 6.5.  While we have integration within XenDesktop 7 for publishing and launching App-V 5 apps, I’ve had numerous queries on publishing App-V 5 on XenApp 6.5.  So together with Microsoft we created this white paper that answers many of the common questions such as:

1- When is best for using Shared Content Store Mode?
2- The tradeoffs for whether you pre-cache the App-V 5 packages in golden images or not
3- How to publish App-V 5 packages in XenApp 6.5 (and a PowerShell script to help identify the app names and command lines)

The white paper covers details on how best to configure App-V 5 for a given deployment approach, considerations when using provisioning technologies with App-V and methods for improved launch time performance.

So grab your copy here and let us know ay feedback or topics you would like to see added in the future: