Why would you need a hosted desktop? Let me share a story… Imagine traveling across the country (or the world) in a plane, listening for that familiar tone to open up your laptop and work, then have a flight attendant dump a complimentary soda in your keyboard.  What does that feel like?  It’s the kind of feeling that comes across you when you just finished three hours of work on a presentation in your home office and watch your screen go “blue” with the words, “…your disc drive has just suffered an unrecoverable error, please contact your system administrator.”  Or how about when you are leaning over a rail at a 13-story hotel and your smart phone falls out of your pocket while you watch with great disbelief as it careens down to crash on the tile floor of the lobby below.

I’m sure that each of us has experienced some kind of episode like these.  In fact the “drink in the laptop” scenario I just witnessed on one of my recent business trips.  I watched the frantic passenger jump out of her seat, scream “my whole business is inside of this laptop”, and run up and down the aisle looking for paper towels and napkins as her MacBook Air became a Coca-Cola waterfall.

Do hosted desktops help with security?

Well, if that doesn’t set your alarm buttons off, how about this… I was recently watching a TV talk show about security.  An audience member who runs a small business from her PC was asked if she thought all of her data was secure.  She confided she was using the latest OS (and patches), security software and all of the best encryption and network security available.  The showcase guest was a “security expert” and was asked to deliberately try to hack the audience member’s system (without her knowledge) using just her name.  It took him all of 10 minutes to hack into her PC, find out what web sites she visited, create a duplicate web site for her to click on and give him access to all of her files.  Not only that, he was able to fire up her web cam, turn off the red “camera on” feature and see everything that was going on in her house as well as listen to all of the conversations.  Such is the state of the SMB security and disaster recovery in the world today.

Solving SMB problems with hosted desktops

But fear not!  Accessing SMB information on a hosted desktop provides the best of all worlds when it comes to providing a secure access and built-in data backup.  Add in hosted services delivery of apps, desktops and data plus a service provider who does all of this work for you, then it is the best of both worlds.  If your MacBook becomes a waterfall, you simply purchase a new machine and you are operational in minutes.  Hacking can only happen if the creep has a means to get into the service provider network —  which is purpose-built to keep him out.

Check out one of the hundreds of Citrix Service Provider partners that provide hosted desktop services… and you won’t have to worry about clumsy flight attendants or creepy hackers!  Citrix Service Provider partners are just a phone call away.