As many of you have noticed, the Receiver for Chromebook was removed from the Google Chrome Web Store this week.  Receiver for HTML5 took the place of the client in July.  From the release of Receiver for HTML5 last January, the Receiver for Chromebook has been broken.

I want to assure everyone that Citrix is very much committed to the Chromebook device.  We feel that this is a better direction, which provides much more flexibility and options for creative solutions for the Chromebook as well as HTML5 compliant browsers.

The latest Receiver for HTML5 should be used and provides more features than the Receiver Chromebook.  These features include the URL redirection (specific use cases), performance improvements, etc.  We have many new capabilities coming down the pipeline.  Stay tuned.

Provide the scenarios that you are looking at to use the Receiver for HMTL5?  Share what you are doing with Chromebook or HTML5 Receiver.