I’ll admit it. I am one of those people who are constantly tethered to their smartphones. Needless to say, my feature phone using wife has plenty of advice for me about its distractions and the merits of her self-imposed gadget discipline. So what do I use my phone for the most while I am on the go? It is to attend those work related calls that invariably seem to fall in place during the commute hour.

New in XenMobile – cool new innovation just for people like me

In the spirit of a picture being worth more than a thousand words, Amit Pandey, Citrix VP and GM for XenMobile sums up the issue with meetings on the go with the picture on the left.

On-touch online meetings

One of the unique capabilities in the newest version of XenMobile (version 8.6 announced today) is the ability join online meetings with a single touch (see picture on the right). The integration between the Citrix WorxMail calendar and online meeting programs like Citrix GoToMeeting or Cisco Webex, allow me to join meetings directly from the calendar app on my Android tablet or an iPhone. If I just wanted to join the audio from my phone, just touching “dial-in” automatically dials the conference number pauses, sends the access code for the meeting and gets me connected. No more sticky-note on the dashboard or risking road safety. And, if my calendar is booked back to back with meetings in different buildings the “Running Late” button conveniently sends a short email to the organizer letting them know that I will arrive shortly.

XenMobile 8.6 also packs several other end user facing enhancements including single step enrollments, auto configuration of email and the ability to use ATM like pin based logins for apps. Instead of typing complicated usernames and passwords on a touchscreen interface, XenMobile encapsulates my user credentials in a digital certificate and allows me to simply enter a configurable pin to access the app. This is especially useful to set secure access to apps in the case of BYOD employees who don’t want their entire device subject to corporate passcode policy control.

I am very excited about the new features in XenMobile and the quick path to productivity that the capabilities offer. My ability to work from anywhere and on any device just got even easier. And now I can also be safer while doing that.