Are you heading to Citrix Summit 2014 in Orlando?  Get ready because Citrix Networking is taking it up a notch!  Citrix partners will have the opportunity to learn from the experts why Citrix is changing the game in Networking.

Check out all the sessions that feature NetScaler and CloudBridge:

SUM102: How to grow mobility opportunities through cross-sell and up-sell

SUM110: Learn the latest on NetScaler and Cisco integrations

SUM111: NetScaler roadmap and vision

SUM112: Why NetScaler is the best front end for XenApp and XenDesktop (with live customer)

SUM113: Networking partner panel discussion

SUM117: Capitalizing on the multi-billion-dollar healthcare IT market with Citrix solutions

SUM118: Maintaining your competitive advantage in financial services with Citrix solutions

SUM119: Maximizing education budgets to enhance learning with Citrix solutions

SUM121: How to make money selling Citrix cloud solutions

SUM133: A vision of the workplace of the future

SUM136: Identifying, qualifying and closing on CloudBridge opportunities

SUM137: CloudBridge: what’s new and what’s next

SUM203: Extending XenDesktop, XenApp and NetScaler deployments to support enterprise mobility with XenMobile

SUM211: Shaking off the competition and increasing sales with NetScaler

SUM212: Discover how to increase deal size and customer satisfaction with HDX Insight

SUM213: Why is NetScaler the best front end for XenMobile environments?

SUM214: Learn what makes NetScaler rock!

SUM215: Win more network consolidation deals while increasing profits with NetScaler SDX

SUM216: What is Software Defined Networking and how can NetScaler help you provide it?

SUM217: Drive sales with NetScaler security features

SUM218: Simplify enterprise app deployment with NetScaler AppExpert templates

SUM220: Sell more by adding ShareFile

SUM223: Deliver Windows desktops and apps as a service by orchestrating XenApp and XenDesktop farms with CloudPlatform

SUM229: Proactively analyze and validate your environment with Citrix Tools as a Service

SUM230: Optimize XenDesktop and enterprise apps with CloudBridge

SUM604: Advanced networking and traffic management using NetScaler 10.x

SUM605: Providing secure and flexible access to web applications using NetScaler 10.x.

Registration now open!  See you in Orlando!