Citrix announced a new Oct. 23 release of the Citrix AppDNA application migration software, bringing support for the latest Microsoft releases including Windows 8.1, Internet Explorer 11 and Windows Server 2012 R2, plus new features to support fast, well planned enterprise rollouts of physical and virtual applications.

Citrix AppDNA 7.0 continues a long tradition of timely Citrix support for new Microsoft OS and server OS releases. AppDNA supports many of the Microsoft products enterprises need today, including Windows 8.1, Server 2012 R2, Internet Explorer 11 as well as App-V and Hyper-V. Additionally, AppDNA integrates with System Center Configuration Manager and Active Directory, tying application remediation information with user and machine information for best decision making.

CitrixAppDNA7.0 overview summary including Windows 8.1 Server 2012 R2
Automate application compatibility testing across multiple technologies, including Windows 8.1, Server 2012 R2 and Internet Explorer 11 with the Citrix AppDNA application migration software. Quickly assess applications to be delivered physically on Windows7 or WIndows 8 and any that should be virtualized and delivered via XenDesktop.

Customers can now speed virtualization deployments with better tracking of applications through the application compatibility and preparation process, easier billback for divisions or geographies, more seamless integration with CitrixReady partner products through a new API, and alignment with the application management practices very large organizations use today.

Citrix AppDNA Application Attributes
Citrix AppDNA 7.0 includes new ways to track and document application details as the app moves through application compatibility processes. Enterprises can notate local best practice information, highlight application statuses or just include notes about the application owner, cost center or staff tied to the application. A new Application ID (appID) setting ties AppDNA details to corporate application asset tagging processes

The AppDNA 7.0 release helps customers

  • Stay current on Microsoft technologies by automating application compatibility work for Windows 8.1, Server 2012 R2 and Internet Explorer 11
  • Speed XenDesktop deployments with application compatibility support
  • Integrate application compatibility routines with current enterprise processes
  • More easily migrate applications with a simpler approach to application compatibility steps
  • Speed XenDesktop implementations with simple, understandable, fast application compatibility decision paths to get apps to end users more quickly
  • Save time, cost and risk in deploying physical or virtual applications
  • Align application compatibility processes with enterprise application management and bill-back procedures
  • Reduce guesswork and improve application planning for XenDesktop implementations

Full details of the new AppDNA 7.0 release can be found in the Citrix edocs .

For XenDesktop customers, access to accurate, fast application compatibility testing for virtualization deployments is unmatched by any other vendor. For enterprises still planning or completing XP migrations, AppDNA software automates the application testing, remediation, and virtualization processes. AppDNA can automatically create virtual applications using the Microsoft App-V Sequencer, whether an app at a time or via a batch process, saving hundreds of hours in application preparation time. Automating so many processes saves work hours for the team and increases on-time delivery of projects, but also saves a tremendous amount of budget. (See AppDNA autosequencing apps for App-V in this short video).

There are two AppDNA pricing and licensing models to best suit customers. Most customers purchase AppDNA on a per-application basis, either because they know their enterprise application count or they have used CitrixReady partner tools to discover apps in the enterprise or rationalize the apps that need to be migrated/deployed. AppDNA is also available on a per-user basis for organizations that do not know their app count or have a disproportionately high ratio of applications to users.  Enterprises like utilities, financial services as well as organizations who experience high levels of M&A are excellent candidates for consuming AppDNA on a per user basis, which provides an unlimited amount of application testing & remediation, but must be licensed for every user in the organization.

As a reminder, XenDesktop Platinum customers have access to a special edition of AppDNA that includes the full application compatibility support for XenApp Hosted applications. For XenDesktop Platinum customers working on a virtualization project, this accelerates the deployment process by showing quickly which applications are ready to deploy and application remediation solutions for the rest of the application portfolio.

Download the latest AppDNA trial to experience the new support and features in AppDNA 7.0.