Platform as a Service (PaaS) is one of the many “flavors” of cloud computing. It offers customers the efficiency advantages of Infrastructure as a Service while allowing them to retain control over applications and data. This combination of outsourcing to a service provider and keeping app administration and control in house is ideal for organizations that have stringent security requirements or a complex application landscape, or both.

CAM IT Solutions B.V., a Gold Citrix Solution Advisor based in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands, is seeing increasing interest in the PaaS option for its CAMCUBE private cloud platform among care organizations, which have security concerns and many different applications. Although most of CAM’s customers currently implement CAMCUBE on-premise, a number of care organizations see PaaS as a good alternative to a fully hosted model. CAM CEO Willem Drijver said, “It allows the IT team to retain control over apps and data, and also provides assurance that although the platform is shared, each customer’s private cloud is completely isolated within our hosted environment.”

Leading with XenMobile

CAM is not only out in front with PaaS, it is also taking the lead with Citrix XenMobile Enterprise for mobile app delivery and mobile app management. The partner piloted XenMobile in 2012 and then conducted a small production rollout at several hospitals. Recently, two major hospitals signed up for an organization-wide implementation of XenMobile. Because many employees use personal mobile devices, XenMobile is an ideal solution for addressing issues of patient privacy and regulatory compliance. Drijver noted, “With XenMobile, users can access Citrix Worx enterprise-ready mobile apps and data from the CAMCUBE MOBILE delivery store, which run in a secure container on their personal devices. The organization can be sure that these sandboxed business resources are kept completely separate from private apps and data, and users can avoid concerns that the employer is accessing their private information.”

Citrix technologies enable new generations of CAMCUBE

CAM has used Citrix solutions since the 1990s and continues to rely on the latest technologies from its partner to keep the CAMCUBE private cloud platform at the leading edge. “Citrix is always ready with the right technologies, and we trust the company to fulfill the expectations of our customers,” he said. Looking forward, as more organizations adopt some version of hosted services, Drijver expects PaaS to become a popular and widely adopted model for application delivery and management.