ShutdownPlus® Rolling Restart™ is professional restart software designed from the ground up for farms running XenApp or XenDesktop, either physical or virtual. Used worldwide, it’s software for restarting servers and uses patented and patent-pending technology to accomplish this.

Its centrally-managed console restarts servers with zero end-user impact (using Silent Mode™), while maintaining user loads on other servers. The console organizes servers into groups, with each group having its own restart, power-cycle, or shutdown method (also queuing options of In Order, All at Once, or Per-Server). Groups have dozens of settings, allowing the software to fit into any restart parameters. ShutdownPlus Rolling Restart eliminates babysitting server restarts, and it avoids the pitfalls, problems, and maintenance of using a script or other restart method. Server licenses are as low as $25/server, and all versions of Windows Servers are supported (2003, 2008/2008 R2, and 2012/2012 R2).

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