Version 11.0.1 of CPSM has been released, this release addresses a number of issues that where present within V11 of CPSM.

Issues addressed in this update are…

Customer Proxy Groups and Service Groups are created in the root of the domain. [#LA4320]

This issue occurs when a user is provisioned or re-provisioned, and causes the proxy and service groups to go to the root of the Active Directory Domain. A fix has been put in place to ensure that these groups stay within the customer scope.

The installer does not proceed with the web server role configuration if the web server is outside the CPSM managed domain. [#LA4113]

When a user attempts to install the web server role on a machine not joined to an AD domain, (For example a machine in the DMZ), the installer will stop the user from configuring the web role.

The Virtual Machine service does not take into account the new SCVMM 2012 Virtual Machine limits. [#LA4319]

At the time of the initial release the virtual machine service was following the limits as per SCVMM 2008. A fix has been put in place to allow a user to specify the higher limits available in SCVMM 2012.

The API is not returning the Citrix “servercollection” as part of a get request. [#LA4457]

When retrieving the Citrix service through the API the servercollection node was missing.

LoginwithToken.apsx no longer lets you login to the portal it just takes you to the standard login page. [#LA4519]

The page allowing the user to login with a token had an issue where the page would fail to validate the token against the user and redirect the user to the login page.

CRM 2011 API Inclusion.

At release of CPSM V11 the API for CRM 2011 was missed from the service package.

Incorrect Default URL for MySQL web service.

The default URL for the MySQL web service was still pointing to the old location. The URL has now been updated in the service package and any new connections should be setup with the correct URL.

ReportMailer crashes after upgrade.

Incorrect .net framework setting in the ReportMailer.exe.config file caused the app to crash. This setting was only incorrect after an upgrade, new installs are not affected by this.


A couple of typos were fixed in workflow approval and also the description for the hosted apps and desktop service.