The Citrix Demo Center is the industry’s most advanced, easy to use and powerful cloud-based demonstration delivery platform. Discover how easy it is for you to gain full access.

At Citrix, we believe you cannot sell Citrix without giving your customers an effective demo. As such, we’ve been building demos for a long time, and we’ve learned a great deal along the way. In what we like to call the ‘PC era’ we built a variety of demos for our products and hosted those in-house, at Citrix offices. We invested great amounts of capital and time, not just in building, but also maintaining these demos. Simply put, demos are hard – time consuming – costly. We know our partner community has the same challenges!

We’ve built the Citrix Demo Center for the ‘Cloud era’, using the latest virtualization and cloud technologies. This allows us to present a fully functioning demo environment to individual customers, tailored for the specific sales scenario, allowing full administrative access with the ability to ‘hand-off’ the environment to the customer for a test drive.

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