On September 24, Citrix released CloudPortal Business Manager 2.1, the cloud services delivery platform for self-service IT, enabling the journey to IT as a Service. CloudPortal Business Manager unifies and simplifies the commerce, user management, service provisioning and operational aspects of a cloud.

Here is what’s new:

  • Cloud Services Catalog for creating a custom self-service catalog of services including IaaS, cloud and third-party and IT services
  • Customization SDK for creating customized user experiences and tailoring how cloud services are packaged, delivered and metered
  • BSS/OSS APIs for customizing application and service integration with internal and external business and operations support systems such as CRM, financials and technical support platforms
  • Simple upgrade process for moving directly to CloudPortal Business Manager 2.1.
  • New Citrix and Partner Connectors including Appcara, ActiveState, Caringo, Cloudian, Cloudsoft, and CumuLogic. For Service Providers, there is an experimental connector for CloudPortal Services Manager. In addition, this release also includes reference connectors for Apache CloudStack 4.2 and OpenStack

Learn more:

1. Review Citrix.com/cloudportal and the Master Talking Points
2. Discover the updated materials in the CloudPortal Success Kit
3. Watch the replay of the October Cloud Master Classes

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