On September 24, Citrix released CloudPlatform 4.2, the only future-proofed, application-centric solution proven to reliably and efficiently orchestrate both existing and cloud native application workloads. CloudPlatform 4.2 combines the best private cloud foundation for enterprise applications, such as CRM and ERP, with Amazon-style scale, elasticity and operational efficiency for cloud applications including social, Big Data and HPC.

Here’s what’s new with CloudPlatform 4.2 and how it can meet your specific needs:

For enterprise customers building private clouds, CloudPlatform delivers:

  • VMware integrations for running enterprise applications and leveraging existing investments
  • Support for nTier applications and virtual private clouds to run enterprise deployments with the security, networking and availability found in the datacenter.
  • Dedicated private cloud isolation for isolation of infrastructure layers and resources in private clouds.
  • Enterprise-grade networking that supports the performance, scale and SLA requirements of production applications

For service providers and WebScale customers:

  • Regions that enable AWS-like availability zones for increased scalability, availability and compliance and lower latency
  • Object storage for delivering S3-like storage across regions for increased workload availability and management efficiency
  • Advanced cloud networking including portable IPs, advanced load balancing and AWS-like health checks

Learn more:

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2. Discover the updated materials in the CloudPlatform Success Kit
3. Watch the replay of the October Cloud Master Classes

Please reach out to Kailas Jawadekar with questions regarding the recent release of CloudPlatform 4.2.

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