You asked for it, and the CloudBridge team has delivered a free trial for prospects and customers.

Many of you have indicated that a free, easy, limited trial option for Citrix CloudBridge leads would be very helpful in ensuring closure momentum. The CloudBridge team is am happy to announce that this trial is now available via the CloudBridge section on Customers and prospects can easily initiate the free trial by clicking on the “Try It” button on the CloudBridge overview page, as is already available for a number of other Citrix products.

As part of this trial, the customer or prospect will receive download instructions and two license keys, enabling them to optimize and accelerate application delivery between two different locations. In addition, the integrated demand marketing team has created a series of emails to nurture customers through the trial process. This series of five emails will provide information that reinforces the value proposition of the CloudBridge platform and a call to action after 90-days.

We hope that you will find this trial option helpful in the selling process, and we are always open for feedback on ways to make it more valuable.

Reach out to Karl Brown for any questions regarding the CloudBridge trial or simply leave a question or comment in the comment box below.

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