BlueCat’s fully automated DNS and DHCP software solutions on the Citrix NetScaler SDX platform provide a smarter way to manage “everything IP.”

With BlueCat’s DNS and DHCP Server running on the NetScaler SDX and the Citrix-Ready BlueCat Address Manager IP address management platform, Citrix customers can automate network provisioning and achieve the speed and agility they expect from the private cloud with zero-footprint DNS. The combined solution delivers multi-tenant management, rapid deployment and the ability to continuously scale DNS capacity to match elastic cloud demands without the need for more hardware. By providing an all-in-one solution for securely connecting and activating cloud services from within the Citrix NetScaler SDX platform, BlueCat and Citrix make it faster and easier for organizations to move to a self-service private cloud.

The BlueCat and Citrix solution offers many advantages including:

  • Full management of IP and name spaces and automated DNSSEC key management with emergency key rollover built-into IP Address Management
  • High security – Optional HSM with full failover capabilities
  • Future proof – Complete IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack support, from planning to operations

To learn more, read the solution white paper: Self-service private cloud.

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