With each new release of XenDestop comes the inevitable changes to the quite substantial SDK so wouldn’t it be nice if we quickly and easily view these changes  i.e. verify what new cmdlets have been added and what cmdlets have been retired between XD releases?

Of course the answer is yes and this is something I looked at this week as I started to prepare the release training for XD7.1.

As part of the training delivery, I wanted to be able to inform our Support Engineers about the changes to the SDK and highlight anything I find particular useful. With time in short supply, I wanted to do this quickly but also have some fun…

Example: Tracking changes to the available cmdlets between XD7 and XD7.1 TP

Step 1.

Export the full list of available Citrix cmdlets for each XD version to text files using the following commands:

get-command -module citrix.*  > c:\xd7cmdlets.txt

get-command -module citrix.*  > c:\xd71cmdlets.txt

Step 2.

Use Notepad++ to remove any unwanted columns so you are just left with the NAME Column in each text file:

Note: To do this you’ll need to hold down the Alt key while selecting the contents of the file to be deleted…

Click on screenshot to view full image:

Step 3.

Use a file comparison tool to compare the differences between the two files.  I like to use a tool called WinMerge – It’s open source and freely available.

Once installed you can select the two files to be compared and click OK:

At first glance you will notice some obvious differences in the listed cmdlets but the view is quite cluttered and the comparison is not very easy to carry out as the cmdlets are not identically ordered:

Click on screenshot to view full image:

To fix this and order the cmdlets correctly click on Edit – Options and change the Whitespace settings to Ignore all and click OK:

Click on screenshot to view full image:

Once the Whitespace setting has been set to Ignore all the cmdlet order will be set correctly and it becomes very easy to compare and see what cmdlets have been retired (if any) and what new cmdlets have been added with the 7.1 update to the SDK:

Click on screenshot to view full image:

Now that you know what cmdlets have been added you can now dive in and take a look at the built-in PoSH help files to see what these cmdlets are all about.

Why not try to take this even further and see if you can find any changes to the detailed help files for the entire SDK? It will take a little more work and understanding of how to use WinMerge but It could be worth the effort especially if find little Gems like the -Force switch which is now available when resetting DB connection strings.

Note: To export the full SDK Inc. full help files use the following commands:

get-command -module citrix.* | get-help -full | out-file c:\XD7help.txt

get-command -module citrix.* | get-help -full | out-file c:\XD71help.txt

Best Regards
Mick Glover (aka XD Tipster)
Senior Readiness Specialist,
Worldwide Support Readiness [EMEA]
Citrix Systems, Inc