Core Analysis has an updated video optimization market report for mid 2013. Coverage includes “Cisco, Citrix ByteMobile, Allot, Flash Networks, Mobixell, Openwave Mobility, Opera Skyfire and many others.”  In his report he highlights the following:

  • “Citrix ByteMobile remains market leader, both in deployments and revenue. The deployment relative market share is decreasing slightly to 29%, while revenue market share is increasing. This is the result of the fact that new low-cost vendors are entering the market and tier 2 / 3 customers are now buying solutions, depressing the average sale price, while increasing the volume of transactions.”
  • “As usual, I provide market share calculations in term of deployment per vendor, the unit being one operator / country. For instance, Verizon Wireless counts for one deployment, even though the operator might deploy 40+ data centers. Groups such as Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom or Telefonica count for each of the properties where the technology is deployed.”


Anna Yong