Crystal Palace

There has been a bit of buzz around about a new project we are working on here at Citrix code-named Crystal Palace.  I thought I should explain what it’s all about.

Put simply, Crystal Palace makes it simple to share information among your devices.  Need to get a presentation to a co-presenter? Just open and share; they will get it straight away. Need to transfer a video you are watching from your desktop to your tablet? Just send it. Got some text on your PC that you need on your phone? Simply copy and paste.

Crystal Palace
Watch the video.

Working away from the traditional office is becoming increasingly common. It may be at home, in the car, or in a public space like a café or airport. At Citrix we call this these Mobile Workstyles. As good as smartphones, tablets and laptops are, sometimes they just can’t keep up with the way we want to work. In fact, they can really slow us down – mobile agility seems impossible.

Getting different devices to talk to one another is extremely frustrating, if not impossible. For example, a smartphone is great for quickly checking and responding to short emails but it isn’t well suited to dealing with complex, detailed attachments. Wouldn’t it be nice to open and edit these on a tablet or laptop, seamlessly from the smartphone? Or perhaps, there is something on your smartphone that needs to be copied to your laptop.

Today that’s a lot of work. First you must copy and paste into an email, and send the email from your smartphone. Then you wait for the email to arrive, open it, copy the contents, and paste it into whatever app you are working in. Ideally, you would simply copy from one device and paste on another. We decided to tackle this problem with the goal of creating pain-free mobile workstyles in motion.

Crystal Palace is an app that makes moving work between your devices and contacts simple and immediate. With Crystal Palace you can do these things along with many more. Look at the “work in motion” possibilities:

  • Copy and paste text across your devices
  • Take an email attachment from your phone and open it on your tablet.
  • Viewing a file on you tablet and want to edit it on your laptop. No problem.
  • Look-up a location on your laptop and navigate there on your phone without typing.
  • Share files you are looking at instantly with your team.
  • Share a video you’re watching instantly with your friends.

We would love you to give it a try and give us your feedback. Crystal Palace is built for the age of BYOD and Consumer IT. This means as a user, you can be up and running within minutes.

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