If you are using XenServer, XenClient, XenClient XT or NetScaler, then you are using software developed by the Linux Foundation Xen Project. If you want to know about the latest trends, cutting edge features and innovations that are developed by the Xen Project and will be coming to Citrix products in future, the Xen Project Developer Summit will be for you!

The Xen Project Developer Summit is the Xen Project’s annual developer conference. It brings together the developers and power users that define the Xen Project. We will be sharing ideas and experiences, discuss the latest technical developments and innovations and plan the evolution of Xen and its sub projects for 2014.

This year’s summit features sessions covering the latest developments and innovations in the Xen Hypervisor, Client Virtualization, Security, Graphics and Audio Virtualization and Cloud Computing. With the addition of ARM support to the Xen Hypervisor, we will also show and discuss new use-cases for virtualization on mobile devices, in automotive and middlebox appliances such as firewalls and NATs.

For more information, check out the event schedule. You can register for the event here. Spaces are limited.